Laser measurement for blowholes!

After serious development on our laser sensors we can ensure a reliable detection of blowholes from 1 x 1 mm. The use of our new line sensors with 405 nm wavelength allows an effective measurement of the surface, independent of colour shading.

With the used sensors a real 3D measurement of the surface with a scanning rate of 3 sections/mm along the wheel circumference is realized.

The resolution transverse and in the depth is far below 0.1mm, so a reliable detection of very small blowholes is possible.

Compared to image processing, which works on the principle of shadow, our system measure the surface in X / Y / Z direction and creates a real volume model of the measured wheel surface. The evaluation and search algorithm are working with these 3D models of the surface and achieving much more reliable detection results.

Example with 2 blowholes. See the scale in the picture

Result of laser measurement, raw data

Extraction of the real 3-D data for the evaluation

Extraction of two height profiles as an example of the real measurement data

Technical Specification

  • Availability of the machine: approx. Q4/2014
  • Detection of blowholes starting from 1x1mm size
  • Measurement of blowhole depth starting from 0.3 mm
  • Measuring principle: Laser measurement by NUMTEC line laser
  • Measuring Position: backside flange
  • Number of sensors: 1-3, depending on the desired search area
  • Speed: measurement procedure approx. 6 seconds
  • Total cycle time: ~ 12 seconds from wheel to wheel

NUMTEC, we make it possible!