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Contour Deburring Tools
Aluminium Wheel

Guide Rail

Guide rail for longitudinal edges, a useful accessory

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MAKRA Foot Switch

For quick engine friendly work due to runtime reduction

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KFA 290 Edge Milling Top Part

With the quick change edge deburring top part KFA the KEG 250 is converted into a full chamfering device for rectangular workpieces

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KFW 280 Edge Milling Carriage

For sensitive work surfaces combined with good material handling

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AFW 80 Cut-off Bunch Milling Carriage

With the quick-change cut-off bunch milling carriage the KEG 250 is converted into a fully flegded "Cut-off bunch remover"

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KEG 250 Contour

Clean and nice edges in a handle

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Edge Deburring Tools
Aluminium Wheel

KEG 251 S

Perfect for edge trimming of welds at the sheet metal working

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KEG 251 K

Precise contour deburring of large workpieces

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KEG 251 P

Chamfers on large and small parts

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KEG 251 T

Perfect for contour deburring of small workpieces

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KEG 251 Set

For flexibility of use in the installation area, the use of secondary times for processing machines or at the workbench

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KEG 253

For attaching chamfers and welding bevels for large workpieces

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KEG 152 V

 For attaching welding bevels and large chamfers for large and heavy workpieces

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KEG 151

For mobile use, for easy edgg deburring or for producing a weld chamfer on large workpieces or small lot sizes

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KEG 500

Stationary unit for large work pieces, for easy edge deburring or for producing a weld chamfer

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KEG 400

Design with powerful milling motor for larger workpieces

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KEG 300

Solution for medium sized workpieces

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KEG 150

For direct use in metal cutting of machine tools

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Recess Milling Tools
Aluminium Wheel

Full Carbide Milling Tool

FFG 201 Handheld Device

The handheld device FFG 201 is designed for the machining of large workpieces and is moved along the workpiece

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FFG 200 Floor Standing Device

At the stationary device FFG 200, the workpiece is moved manually over the guide prism

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