Koch H&K Straightening Machines allow steel producer to deliver straight products with minimal residual stresses. The Straightening Machine is available as horizontal or vertical variante for all types of rolled sections. The plants are configured individually according to customer requirements with hydraulic locks and computer-controlled adjustable speed drives for the straightening shafts. KOCH H&K also designs and supplies all ancillary equipment which is necessary for the straightening operation.

  • Straightening shafts with bearings at one or both ends

  • High-precision straightening by patented, asymmetrical adjustment of the shaft distance from 450 to 2,200 mm

  • Automatic and quick changing of all straightening rollers simultaneously by a special manipulator

  • Product-specific controlled manipulators with turning angles up to 230° for the semiautomatic feeding of the sections

  • Load compensation control between all main drives to achieve optimal load distribution

  • Mechanical and hydraulic locks

  • Height adjustment of the complete machine relative to the roller table 

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