Stationary Shears

Stationary shears are used for large cross-sections, the material is stopped for the cut. They operate with a force of 12,500 kN and above and are used for cold and hot cuts. Stationary shears are designed for dividing cuts (final lengths) and head and tail end cropping of material with cross-sections of up to 400 x 180 mm and 210 mm ø. These shears are used, for example, upstream of forging shops or in rolling mills. Powerful drives, sophisticated positioning system and fast feeding and discharge of the material enable short cycle times. KOCH H&K supplies the shears complete with ancillary equipment such as feeding and discharge systems, scrap handling and sample taking equipment. KOCH H&K supplies shears for a large variety of applications: Cold Shears, Bloom Shears, Billet Shears, Heavy Plate Shears

  • Shearing force of 12,500 kN and more

  • Hydraulic drive

  • Electromechanical drive

  • Optional material positioning at the shear by laser-based length measuring systems, by position measuring systems or by length stops

  • Knife change device for manual or – with electric drive – for semi-automatic changing 

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