KOCH H&K designs and supplies a wide range of sliding frame and chop saws with blade diameters up to 2,400 mm for rails, beams and sections. Using a sophisticated modular system, KOCH H&K designs the perfect saw for all applications be it for cold or hot cuts, single sections or layers. KOCH H&K not only designs the actual saw, but also the complete. KOCH H&K also supplies all plant components required for transporting the sections to the saw and discharging the cut lengths.

  • Robust, mill-proof structure

  • Sliding frame on support rolls fitted with anti-friction bearings and side guides

  • AC-motor driven, coupling, specially designed bevel gear unit including online monitoring of temperature and vibrations, saw blade shaft with anti-friction bearing, drive power between 250 and 500 kW

  • Slewable sheave assemblies with integrated roller table rolls

  • Automatic circumferential speed control

  • Chip removal and saw blade cooling by high-pressure water

  • Sample taking

  • Scrap removal 

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