Rolling Stand

Reversing or continuous mode - KOCH H&K shapes steel with rolling forces of up to 25.000 kN in single stands or complete rolling mills: Blooming stands, Edging stands, Universal stands, Finishing stands and Open rolling mill or tandem mill. Dimensional accuracy is ensured through precise measuring, regulating technology and exact gauge control. Fully automatic feeding and intelligent turnover and shifting devices guarantee short pass schedules and efficient rolling. KOCH H&K not only provides stands: our rolling stands are systems solutions complete with all associated ancillary equipment, including transport equipment, hydraulic units, water supply and automation technology.

  • Hydraulic roll adjustment systems with automatic gauge control (AGC)

  • Axially shiftable rolls

  • Hydraulic overload control

  • Quick, semi-automatic roll change

  • Patented 180° grip tilter

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