MARK 100 Marking system

The MARK 100 system is a fully integrated machine for automatic pin stamping of alloy wheels. The system can apply any kind of alphanumeric characters as replacement of manual marking in the production process.

The machine is built as an inline version with closed housing which ensures easy implementation in existing installations. The wheels will be fed in and out on a roller conveyor to the machine, no additional loading equipment is necessary. The control cabinet is integrated into the machine frame. The machine can be completely assembled and cabled during assembly and test at NUMTEC and does not need to be dismantled for shipment which ensures a fast and trouble-free installation on site. The marking process is done with the proven NUMTEC MX01 pin stamping head. After feed in, lifting and turning, the wheel type will be recognized and the marking will be done from the bottom side through the roller conveyor. Due to the slim needle design, the marking can be applied close to the inside wheel rim or into small pockets in the center hub area. Based on the automatic wheel recognition system, the wheels can be fed in mixed order and all wheels will be marked correctly at its individual marking position. This guarantees a safe and reliable marking of 100% of wheel production.

A marking cycle contains the following steps:

  • Wheels will be transported into the machine on the roller conveyor
  • Pneumatically centering and lifting of the wheel
  • Type recognition with the NUMTEC Barcode system (or optionally with camera system)
  • Turning and positioning in the correct marking orientation
  • Marking of the alloy wheel with the NUMTEC MX01 marking head
  • The marked wheel will be released to the outbound conveyor

As interface to the conveyor system Profibus or Profinet can be used.

Your Advantages

    Fully automatic marking of up to 220 wheels / hour with only machine

    Nonvolatile marking with the NUMTEC MX01 pin stamping system, still readable after painting process

    Reliable system with built in self-monitoring equipment (i.e. needle control)

    Marking machine will be fully assembled and tested at NUMTEC prior to installation

    Type recognition with NUMTEC Barcode system or optionally with camera system

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