CJ/DP/PU-Combined Marking Machine

The Combined Marking Machines are designed for marking steel products in harsh industrial environments. The combination of common control, three marking technologies (paint, punch and edge) and customized design makes the Combined Marking Machine a perfect solution for optimizing any steel production line with respect to marking and identification. The marking machines provides high resolution paint marking in different font sizes and number of lines, permanent punch marking and standardised barcode edge marking, which can be applied while the product is moving or during standstill.

Combination of paint (CJ-CombiJet, DP-Dot Paint) and punch (PU- Needle) technology
Alphanumerical characters, API classification symbols, logos and machine readable codes
Marking also for moveable products , inside or outside the pipe

  • Low maintenance costs with proven technology
  • High quality markings with the latest marking technologies
  • Design for any type of production line, based on customer requirements
  • Short simultaneous marking cycles

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