Abrasive Cutting Machine

Abrasive cutting machines are used for cutting hot and cold steel products when specific high demands are placed on the quality of the cut, for example, when cutting to selling lengths or the microstructure of the material must not be affected. KOCH H&K abrasive cutting machines are suitable for cutting high-alloyed steels, non-ferrous metal alloys or other high-grade materials.

  • Sturdy, mill-proof structure

  • Slewable roller tables in front of and behind the machine for effective scrap removal

  • Clamping device for the section in front of and behind the cutting wheel

  • Quick cutting wheel change due to braking to standstill in 15 s and hydraulic clamping nut

  • Drive train with specially designed bevel gear unit with recirculating oil cooling, drive power between 75 and 500 kW

  • Automatic circumferential speed control between 80 and 100 m/s

  • Secure sample taking

  • Automatic scrap removal

  • Cutting table with lifting and lowering function for the opening of cuts 

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